Become a CADARRA Ambassador

As part of our expansion, CADARRA invites you to share in the brand’s success by establishing your own fashion business as a CADARRA Ambassador:

As a CADARRA Ambassador you will enjoy the benefits of associating with like minded fashionistas eager to share their business experiences with you. All the while providing you with the potential to earn as you establish your client data base.



Established in 2012 CADARRA is a tried & tested successful fashion brand. For years CADARRA has been dressing fashion savvy female travellers. These clients love the ease of this amazing multiway garment which is comfortable, simple to style & flattering to all figure shapes. Designed in breathable fabric, which can be styled to take the wear from Casual to Cocktails with just a simple fashion week. There are over 20 fashion ways to wear CADARRA.

Due to the ever increasing popularity of CADARRA, the time is right to involve liked minded entrepreneurs to establish their own Exciting Fashion Business by promoting and selling this proven fashion label. Establishing your own business under the guidance of CADARRA means you will be working with a product that has achieved proven results with customers Nationally and Internationally.

The time and effort you put into establishing your own business will create the successful lifestyle you want to achieve.



A CADARRA Ambassador is the face of CADARRA. By establishing your own business as a CADARRA Ambassador you will be promoting and selling the CADARRA brand through various methods which best suit you, there is no hard and fast rule of where to sell CADARRA, the only common factor is that in selling the brand it needs to be shown and demonstrated.

CADARRA will be your support team to assist and encourage you to be successful. There is a full training program available to all Ambassadors. This training will provide each Ambassador with the techniques needed  to showcase the collection. The trademarked CADARRA styles are designed to suit every body shape.

There are no territories or boundaries to restrict your business growth. There are no sales targets. This is your business and it’s success is up to you!



As an Ambassador you are eligible to purchase The CADARRA 5 piece Styling Kit for half price.  

Wear your CADARRA!!  You will be surprised how many sales opportunities present themselves in your every day life. When on the go & at every opportunity encourage  potential  customers to buy CADARRA on-line. As an Ambassador you will benefit from all your on-line sales. Wear your CADARRA on holidays and place orders from customers. Everyone is interested in the concert of CADARRA & as an Ambassador your potential sales opportunities are limitless.
All women love CADARRA we just need to spread the word to ensure more know about the brand and its versatility.
One satisfied customer commented” Cadarra is like a bra very woman should have one”.
The best way to achieve results is by demonstrating the brand.  Be prepared that Ince styles, potential  customers will love the feel and flattering styling options CADARRA provides.  Generally there is an 85% ‘take-up’ re sales.


CADARRA pays excellent commission on all sales made by the Ambassador including those that have come through the website sales portal.

Be rewarded by the network of women who will inspire you to succeed. CADARRA also provides periodic incentives to encourage your business growth.

With the extra income that you earn being a CADARRA Ambassador you will be able to have that family holiday or weekends away, help with child care & school fees & save for that special personal purchase. Your success is up to you!


As a CADARRA Ambassador  the time you spend on your business is up to you.  You can easily balance a full time or part time job and still develop your fashion business in our spare time. Women are renowned for multitasking and with CADARRA it is both fun & engaging, as well as rewarding, seeing the benefits which this amazing fashion brand offers your customers.



To provide the fashion tools for every woman to look fashionable and comfortable in their own body.

Minimise Fashion Stress.

Maximise Fashion Freedom

Downsize your Fashion Wardrobe

Upsize your Options

Simplify your Life

CADARRA Is The Answer.

As a CADARRA Ambassador you will experience first-hand the versatility of this amazing garment.

CADARRA Wardrobe to Go is totally trade marked. Not only by name and design but by the unique demonstration selling technique.

Not a retail product, the key to introduce CADARRA is by demonstration.

After demonstrating CADARRA Wardrobe to Go to your clients, you will be amazed at their response.

You won’t have to SELL CADARRA, your clients will want to BUY IT !


Be Part of Team CADARRA

CADARRA Wardrobe To Go is an Australian designed fully trademarked fashion brand. Manufactured in 95% breathable viscose plus 5% elastin, CADARRA can be easily and beautifully draped into various fashion styles to suit all figure shapes.

From the Beach to the Ballet, from Casual wear to Evening Cocktails, this one-piece wardrobe has you covered!


  • CADARRA will provide you with all of the training you need to start your business, so no prior experience is necessary. No sales or marketing experience is required, just a love of the product and a can do attitude.

  • No at CADARRA we do not believe in multi level selling, as it only generally works for a very small number of people – it does however help a business gain a larger footprint intghe market place. We want to remain ethical and look after all our Ambassadors .

    This means that there are no limits where or who you can sell to, Australia – the world.

  • You will need to carry some stock. This will depend on how much you want to invest in your business, as a startup a complete set in each colour as well as a sample of each size ( only 2 sizes). Your orders will be processed from the warehouse so large stock is not required.

  • What you earn is entirely up to you, As always the more you sell the more you earn. This does not mean that you have to meet certain targets each month to remain a ambassador, we will consult with you on what you want to achieve either financially or any other goals you want to get to, we will help you gt there. remember we ar all part of a small team with similar goals and aspirations.

    You can work as much as you want or as much as you can, thjis is your call.

    There are many ways in which you can sell CADARRA and we will assist with what ever way you think will work for you.

    CADARRA offers 25% commission on all sales

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