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Cruising With CADARRA

Forget taking loads of formal wear and too many casual outfits.
Substitute with CADARRA.
The wrap looks amazing when worn as a swimwear cover up both to and from the pool and is perfect worn for cocktails at the bar.

When worn as harem pants you just step through the ‘sleeves’ of your strapless CADARRA to form a jumpsuit and team with a scarf tied at your waist or drape the fabric at the hips through your sarong buckle.

Dinner wear is a breeze with CADARRA, there are over 20 style options to choose from.   The upside down styles give you 6 or more style variations. 
Check out ideas on the link to the CADARRA Tutorial video 
For those with 2 CADARRA  you can create fabulous full length formal options. 

Cruising and CADARRA a winning Combo!!




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