Thew CADARRA Collection of 5 pieces

  1. CADARRA Multiway Dress
  2. Belt
  3. Wrap
  4. Camisole
  5. Leggings

Create ove 30 different styles with this combination.

CADARRA:   This one piece has 20 ways to wear from dresses, to skirts, tops and harem pants. It’s versatile , fashionable and easy to travel in, and can be converted into styles to suit all ages and size.

Cadarra is great value, replacing many items of your travel clothing – saving you money and luggage space. Wear it during travel to help you travel light.

The Belt:    The feature of the CADARRA belt is that it provides an additional 6 ways to wear your CADARRA one piece garment. Purchasing an additional belt in a contrasting colour further adds to CADARRA styling possibilities.

The Wrap:      The versatility of this piece is that as well as a wrap, it can be draped into a sarong, worn as cover-up over ‘active wear’, as a neck scarf or a long-line scarf under coats. The wrap can also be styled to  wear as a Kimono Jacket.

The Camisole:  The feature of the camisole is its longer length and the width of the straps. The wider straps make the camisole less like underwear and more like an outer wear garment.

The Leggings:   The feature of the CADARRA Leggings is their comfort. Designed with a higher than average front and back ‘rise’ with a wider than usual ‘non roll’ elastic waist band. These leggings are best described as easy to wear slim fitting pull- up pants and not figure hugging tights.

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