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Weekend Trip Styling Tips.

Wear your CADARRA as a jumpsuit when traveling.  Accessorise with a jacket and scarf. Pack your 4x CADARRA Styling Kit accessories.

Saturday Brunch: CADARRA as a skirt with the Cami.  Team with your  CADARRA wrap or a jacket. If cool wear, as the poncho, over white pants or jeans with buckle drape.

Dinner: Wear as a dress with belt at hip. Accessorise with your wrap.  Insert tip of top edge of your wrap through the belt buckle. If cool, team a lightweight merino sweater .

Sunday:  Wear your jeans with CADARRA as a Grecian halter, or poncho top. If cool, wear a white shirt or light weight merino sweater under the poncho.  Use the shirt or sweater to cuff the sleeves of CADARRA with the shirt os swearer collar as a feature. If taking your swimsuit, wear your CADARRA wrap as your beach cover up.


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